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Katie Berman and her textile adventures.


Request a custom textile artwork including punch needle, tufted or macrame wall hangings by Katie Berman.

It’s my passion to help others’ creative dreams come to life.

Whether it’s for your home or your workspace,
I’d love to come alongside you and liven up your interiors with texture and color.
You have the vision. Let me help you implement it.


How It Works
First things first, we need to have a chat! Fill out the form on this page and start the conversation. I want to know all of your inspirations and aspirations for the art you’re looking for. Include links to reference photos, color palettes, pinterest boards, however you collect your inspiration!

My aesthetic is very organic and gestural, allowing abstract shapes to morph into what they may. Images that focus on large abstract shapes and forms are the best references for me. I primarily offer custom wall hangings, but am open to hearing about other projects you’d like to collaborate on!

Love a work that you’ve spotted in my portfolio or in my web shop? Let me know and I may be able to recreate a similar work just for you!

I’ve Filled Out the Form— What’s Next?!
Once you’ve filled out the form, I’ll reach out via email with thoughts, questions and an initial quote for your project. We can continue our dreaming and scheming through email, phone, or over a cup of coffee if you’re local to the Durham, NC area!

Once we’ve ironed out the details of what you’re looking for and you’re ready to take the plunge, I’ll create a contract pack for you to confirm and sign. This will include a mood board that highlights any reference photos or sketches that reflect our previous conversations, details on our agreement, confirmed deadline, as well as a deposit invoice.

Some Fine Print…
Though I hate to admit it, sometimes a partnership is not meant to be... If I feel that I am not able to properly encompass your vision through my skills, please understand that is is within my discretion to kindly decline your commission request.

I’ll do my best to work with you to ideate your vision. If we are not a good fit, I’ll try to give you alternative resources that may better fit your needs.



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What Kind of Work Are You Looking For? *
My primary wheelhouse is creating things for the wall through tufting techniques or macrame/weaving techniques. In other words, I'm all about making custom wall hangings! Choose any that apply to your project.
What Materials Are You Looking to Use? *
It's my goal as a textile artist to make things responsibly and source my materials well. Materials that I create with can include secondhand/reclaimed materials or USA made materials. Let me know if you have a preference below!
Have an ideal budget for this project? Let me know! This will help in my initial quote and options for you. All custom design work starts at $400.
Let's dream together! Describe the vision for your custom artwork including color palettes, themes, and inspirations. Love a work in my portfolio? Let me know and I may be able to recreate it for you!