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Katie Berman and her textile adventures.


Request a custom textile artwork including punch needle, tufted or macrame wall hangings by Katie Berman.

It’s my passion to help others’ creative dreams come to life.

Whether it’s for your home or your workspace,
I’d love to come alongside you and liven up your interiors with texture and color.
You have the vision. Let me help you implement it.



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What Kind of Work Are You Looking For? *
My primary wheelhouse is creating wall hangings through tufting techniques. If that's what you're looking for, then awesome-- choose "Tufted Wall Hanging". Have a different idea you'd like custom made? Choose "Other" and tell me about it!
What Materials Are You Looking to Use? *
It's my goal as a textile artist to make things responsibly and source my materials well. Materials that I create with can include secondhand/reclaimed materials or USA made materials. Let me know if you have a preference below!
Have an ideal budget for this project? Let me know! This will help in my initial quote and options for you. All custom design work starts at $1,000 with the minimum size of your work starting at 18 inches x 18 inches.
What Is the Deadline for Your Piece?
What Is the Deadline for Your Piece?
Creating can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks.
Let's dream together! Describe the vision for your custom artwork including color palettes, themes, and inspirations.