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Katie Berman

If you’ve hung around me long, you know that “stash busting” has been the buzzphrase around my studio this year.
I have so. much. material and I’m looking for ways to use it up. 


Over the past few weeks, I decided to tackle a bag of rope that has been sitting on my yarn shelf for too many years. This is leftover rope from a few commissions I did years back. Optic white yarn is usually not in my personal color spectrum, which is why I think this bag that’s the size of a small child has been on my shelf for so darn long... 

But then I remembered an equally large bag of avocado skins I’ve also had stashed way in my studio. Pair these two up and I’ve got a big ole bag of pale pink and brown rope that does fit into my personal color wheel!

My bag of rope dyed with avocados skins.

My bag of rope dyed with avocados skins.

How did this happen?!

How did this happen?!


With a little imagination and a lot of shredding and combing out rope, this is I’m using this naturally dyed rope for:
Lots and lots of tassels!

Strong Containers-detail3.jpg

I’ve been featuring these in my latest works and it’s been the most fun. Stash busting for the win!

So if you’re stuck with how to use up some materials in your stash, think about changing the color.
Over-dye it, bleach it, paint on it, what have you! 

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Happy making!