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Katie Berman


As most of you know, I’ve been taking a break from instagram.
I thought I’d let you know how it’s going, what things I’m learning and the work that has come out of it! 

Insta-less Blog Post Graphic-2.jpg

From a personal perspective:

I don’t experience as much fomo. 
The relief that I feel from being a little less connected is kind of mind blowing. I found that I don’t need to go to or know about every show or shop opening or movie release or pop-up market. The pressure to always be doing is off. By scrolling less, I find myself making time to do more of the things I like. Plus, you can’t feel left out when you didn’t know what happened in the first place, am I right? 

From a business perspective:

Growth is still happening without using instagram.
How can this be? Instagram is the driving force for all things, right? Wrong. Though my growth is small, it’s still growth! My website is still getting traffic, my newsletter list is growing each month and I’m still getting contacted for work. And at the end of the day, that’s what I’m trying to do here— make a livelihood and get jobs from my art, not get more likes on an app.

For my fellow creative entrepreneurs needing a break from social media and thinking about taking a sabbatical from instagram-- do it! Your business and world won’t end. Just make sure you can be found in other ways, like on your own website.

From an artwork perspective:

I’m making work that I love.
Without all of the noise and constant content that I’m seeing from other makers, I’m able to dig deep, get a little weird and make work that I’m really invested in. Work like this:

Trinity and Containers.jpg

I feel that I am finally producing work that speaks to my aesthetic and is truly birthed out of my passions. So much of my heart is toward creating work in a responsible way-- using the materials that I have and giving second-hand materials new, beautiful life. These pieces are made with that passion in mind. All of the materials are second-hand or materials I’ve had in my stash for years. Talk about stash busting! (ps. Got a stash to bust? Read up on my tips and tricks for stash busting like a champ here.)

I’m not constantly comparing myself to other makers and artists around me or creating work with “is this instagram worthy or sellable?” in mind. What a pleasant surprise. 

This is turning into a body of work that I’m so stoked about. I’m sure I’ll be making pieces like these until I run out of my hand-dyed avocado tassels, ha!

That being said, these works and others like them will be making their way into a shop update in October.

Strong Containers-detail1.jpg

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