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Katie Berman

I never thought I would do this.

Peace out, insta!

Peace out, insta!

It was easy to quit Facebook, but instagram? No. Never.
Welp, never say never, friends, because it’s happening! 

So how did I get here?
I’ve realized that I need some major boundaries…

Instagram is not what it used to be for me. Maybe it’s because I’m using it as the primary marketing tool for my brand. Maybe it’s because I’m more aware of time and how much I’m allowing it to carve into my life. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, every time I open instagram, I feel defeated, depressed and just plain old beat up when I’m scrolling through the endless feed of pics and ads.

In truth, I am exhausted.

I think that algorithms are a huge part of this (no surprise there…).

These things not only dictate how my own profile performs, but it dictates what I see. Instragram only shows me what it thinks I want to view. I’m bombarded with information and ads that I don’t want. I don’t see things from my friends, I don’t see things as they’re happening in real time. Let’s be real— that makes me really angsty.

In the end, I’m not in control. Y’all, algorithms are crazy and I’m done trying to figure them out. Even if I get to a point where I feel I’ve got it down, it’s just going to change again. Because I’m using this as a platform for my brand, I see instagram as less of a community and more of a competition no matter how I slice it. Trying to figure out “how to beat the algorithm” as a small brand is a fancy way of saying I’m trying to compete. Compete to be seen. To be liked. To be followed. And I’m not competitive by nature.

Having a brand showcased on instagram becomes difficult because it’s hard to draw the line between showing genuine work and struggles and showing beautifully curated highlights. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautifully curated, aesthetically pleasing things! I make those things! Good design is necessary and should be valued. But when I feel I have to curate in that way to even be considered as something that instagram will put in front of people, I start to wonder if I’m making things because I think it’s gonna be insta-worthy or because I’m truly moved to make it. I want my work to be genuine and not based on what I think will get me seen or whatever trends have imbedded into my subconscious. Since I can’t seem to separate myself from getting overwhelmed with competing, I’m taking myself out of the game for a while.

Tabernacle , detail. 2019 Hand-punched and machine tufted using a mixture of relcaimed and American wool yarns on cotton fabric.

Tabernacle, detail. 2019
Hand-punched and machine tufted using a mixture of relcaimed and American wool yarns on cotton fabric.

Creating is something that I not only love to do, but I have to do. It’s a part of who I am and how I interact and interpret the world. I’m called to do the work and I want to focus on that. It’s time for me to cut out some of the noise.

There has to be another way. Another way to connect with an online audience. Another way to build a brand and grow a business. There has to be another way beyond this one app…

So I’m going to give it a try. I’m going to let go of social media and try to explore new ways to connect, collaborate and market myself. From a brand perspective, this is super scary. I feel that the little audience I do have is on instagram. I want to connect with others on a deeper level. It’s easier to do that if I funnel more of my time into face-to-face interactions or writing content and tutorials that help you.

So where will I be? 
Well, I’ll be in Durham, NC. And I’ll also be here on my website. I’ll be more active in putting out blog posts and will still post pictures of goings-on in the studio. I’ll still be teaching fiber workshops in the community which you can stay up-to-date on through the calendar

And I’ll say hello once in a while through my newsletter. If you haven’t already joined, I would love it if you did! I send out an email on the first of every month to announce what’s happening in the following weeks (classes, events, etc.). Once is a blue moon, I may send out an extra email if I have a shop update. I won’t be all up in your inbox grill-- pinky promise.

Wish me luck! I hope this will give us a chance to engage or hang out in a different way. 

To taking chances and being rebellious,
- KB